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Ice Water is Sick of Your Shit. :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 1 0 Fuckin... Just. Why. :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 3 7 Mustard Bae :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 2 2 Trickster Jane :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 2 0 idk. :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 2 3 Aquariumstuck Erifish :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 3 2 Base :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 1 2 Shading Attempt :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 10 6 Official Ponysona? Official Ponysona? :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 2 3 Shyfly :Gift: :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 3 6 Human Mangle Sketch :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 0 0 Bubbles Valentine :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 9 0 New Character? :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 0 0 My sicksona, SS :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 1 0 Well fuck. :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 2 7 Pass it on! :iconwhat-am-i-doing-wut:WHAT-AM-I-DOING-WUT 3 13


Seasons2-summer pinkie :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 766 23
The Tale of Love: A Super Paper Analysis
Ahem! Today… I'll tell you the story of the lost book of prophecies.
It is a tale of love...

Chapter 1: An Introduction
In the English language, "love" can mean a lot of things. "I love chocolate!" "I love you, mommy." "I… I think I'm in love with you."
Love is hard to define and is often downright illogical. What love really means to us can run the gamut from claiming to love a movie, to claiming to love the child you have raised. And moreover, love doesn't even always have to be a good thing. While love is perhaps the most beautiful thing in human experience, it can also be extremely dangerous, and when directed at certain things, quite unhealthy.
Super Paper Mario claims to be a tale of love. But it's just a game, right? What could a game teach us about love? Well, nothing in itself, really. No game, book, or movie can teach a person how to love. What these stories can do, however, is show us a reflection, however refracted, of ourselves and the people around
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KnT - 121 :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 6,413 805 Rot in Hell :iconkawacy:kawacy 8,391 201 The REAL deviantART :iconheidi:Heidi 2,365 1,740
Introducing the Timeline of DeviantArt!

Introducing the Timeline of DeviantArt!
:iconheidi: Heidi
:iconjoeyjazz: JoeyJazz
Good morning Callisto VIII...
Google+ will celebrate its 15th birthday in August 2015. While many online communities have come and gone during the last decade and a half, DeviantArt remains because of our passionate and committed community. In that time, we've celebrated many milestones, and it became apparent we were in need of a place to share our victories and our challenges. And since we want to move toward more complete transparency with the community, what better time to also showcas
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Chan Chan :iconkeahisquirrel:KeahiSquirrel 7 0 A bunch of Pokemon Fusions :iconcat-meff:cat-meff 6,853 459 Papyrus Soul Fusion (Undertale) :icontorcher999:Torcher999 364 71 Sans Soul Fusion (undertale) :icontorcher999:Torcher999 388 24 Toriel Soul Fusion (Undertale) :icontorcher999:Torcher999 333 48 Muffet Soul Fusion (Undertale) :icontorcher999:Torcher999 370 17 Alphys Soul Fusion (Undertale) :icontorcher999:Torcher999 315 40 Undyne Soul Fusion (Undertale) :icontorcher999:Torcher999 352 36
Sultry | (Marie x Inkling!Reader)
You walk up to the ballot in the Plaza, ready to choose the team you want to participate in for the upcoming splatfest.
And as usual, the subject of it this time flew over your head.
Not that you'd ever tell anyone, but you always went with the team Marie was representing, despite having your ass handed to you practically every single time by the opposite team as the results were announced.
But in the end, you loved the white-tentacled idol so much you didn't really care either way.
And more than anything, you hated that defeated face she held as she tallied the results, only to find her team didn't pull out on top. It happened way too often for your liking.
Callie was going to be disappointed this splatfest. You assured, a fire lighting up in your eyes.
You receive your Team Future splatfest tee, and begin gaining experience on it, determined to bring victory to the idol you admired so much.
The Squid Sisters announced the venues for the current turf wars, and you couldn't help but st
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Pallet Masterpost :iconotakumutt:OtakuMutt 3,066 341



The DA staff need to add the feature to see recent logins to mobile.

If that's already a thing and I'm just missing it, pease tell me how to get to recent logins on mobile!


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Hey! For the most part I have no clue what I'm doing, so I'll need a LOT of help. I draw for a hobby, and I'm... eh... at it, so if you like what I draw, great! If not....
I also write from time to time, so if you like my stories, great! If not... you get the point.


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